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Renn Jiffy Equipment

World class - Alberta built - 60 years in service

Hay & Grain Equip: Our Products

Feel the Power

  • Grain Baggers (RGB 1020C & 1016T)

  • Grain Bag Unloaders/Extractors (FBU 1014LS and RGU 1218CD)


Trusty & Reliable

  • Hayland Float (Molehill Leveller)

  • Rakes & other H&S Equipment

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Consistent Quality

  • Roller Mills

  • Bagger Mills

  • Auxiliary Mills

  • Hammer Mills (Grinders)


High Capacity

They reliably deliver forages or blended rations to your livestock in any season.

Give us a call and find out how we can help make your farm life easier.

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