Stalks of Wheat

Renn Grain Storage Equip

Grain Baggers

  • RGB 1016

  • RGB 1016T

  • RGB 1020C

  • RGC 3024 - Conveyor

Grain Bag Unloaders

  • FBU 1014LS (aka Farmboy)

  • RGU 1218CD

When you buy from Archer Farms we are always ready and able to help you learn how to use your new equipment, because we use it too. Never be afraid to ask questions.


Renn Grain Baggers 1016, 1020C & 1220

Easy, efficient grain bagging

bagger 1020 (2).JPG

Renn Grain Bagger

Convenient on-board telescopic swing auger.

Renn Grain Bag Unloaders
1014 and 1218

User friendly, superior plastic management

extractor 1218.JPG